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Increase Your Go To Market Success & Optimize Your In Market Performance

M/A/R/C®’s foundation is the Assessor Forecasting System, which has made us experts in predictive analytics. We understand the intricacies of estimating future market potential and have validated metrics that tie to in-market performance. Our expertise allows us to expand their application from the traditional concept and product forecasting, to more innovative uses within other core solutions, such as brand health and segmentation.

This allows us to give more direction to Brand Management on the expected trends of their brands and their competitor’s brands. And, we also provide the diagnostics to inform our clients on ways to improve future potential or performance.

M/A/R/C® is a true industry leader with tenured marketing insight professionals who are expert in both quantitative and qualitative research. We have full secondary research and assisted service teams as well to round out our deep expertise, and we actively work to enrich the industry with our continual involvement in key trade associations and universities with advanced predictive analytic programs. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.